Off With Her Head!

Off With Her Head!

Off With Her Head!



Lacking confidence as a homeschool parent?  Come hang out with me for a day, and you will feel better in no time! Look, I struggled for two years – believing I couldn’t hack it.  I watched a 9 year old child play violin in a symphony orchestra. I listened to a 6 year old rattle off Latin declensions. I visited a tricked out school room that made my head spin and my heart sink.  I compared myself to every other homeschool mom I met, and I never measured up.


But guess what. I am not every other homeschool mom.  I am uniquely me.  Creative, energetic, intuitive, and fun. Once I accepted my different-ness, I was able to take my eyes off of my perceived failures, and  embrace the parent and homeschool mom I am meant to be.

January 2014 marks the beginning of my 3rd year homeschooling. Do I still feel ill-equipped? Sure. Do I still have blind spots and blue moments? Absolutely. But at last, no more floggin and doggin myself. No more beating and self-defeating. I can see the big picture of what I am called to do in this short window of time with my children.  And finally, I am zeroing in on the educational style that unites my specific set of strengths and skills with their individual needs. That feels good.

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