You can do it!

I never thought I could homeschool because frankly, I was a terrible SCHOOL mom! “Bring 50 cents on Tuesday. Send close-toed shoes on Friday. Sign this. Donate to that. Be at this meeting and that party….”  I could hardly keep up!  Oh and I rarely had my kids to school on time. My son once said, “Mommy, you have to quit making me late to KINDER-GARTEN.”

So you can imagine that taking the plunge to homeschool was a stretch. I am a fun and creative mom – but not an organized one.  I am a people person too, so I was worried about feeling trapped at home with 24/7 kid duty.

Anyway, I am starting my 3rd year of homeschooling and I am loving it. I know my kids better now than I ever did when they were in school. We have been participating in Classical Conversations, which has been a stabilizer for us. We may continue with CC through high school, but we are moving toward more of a Project Based Homeschooling method now. I have my footing a little bit stronger, and this method seems to fit with my personality and the lifestyle of our family.

The reason I started this ironically named blog is for people like me, who have the desire to take the step into homeschool, but are not sure they have the “skills” or “patience” or “education” to do it.  Just want to say YOU CAN DO IT! If I can, literally anyone can!

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