Pop died last night.

Kids paternal grandfather, “Pop” breathed his last around midnight on Sunday. We had a great time with him over Christmas. His children and 12 grandchildren were all together.

IMG_268375 is still too young in my opinion.  Things just went from bad to worse: Flu, then pneumonia. A light-headed moment turned into a fall that broke his hip. Then 3 weeks in the hospital did him in. Everything started shutting down.

We were trying to figure out how to smuggle “nellie” into the hospital to work her magic as a rehab dog.  Alas, he decided to refuse treatment and move his bed to the house – so that he could spend his last few days with his wife, his dog, and all of his kids and grandkids.


Died in his sleep with his daughter and sons surrounding.

My little ones and I are leavin-on-a-jet-plane tomorrow morning for the funeral in Lubbock. We appreciate your prayers as we remember this kind, affectionate man. Generous, tender-hearted. A story teller.

We love you Pop! Miss you already. Thanks for loving us well.



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