Sometimes I fantasize about a post-apocalyptic lifestyle

The Walking Dead #TWD will start back up in October. The show always sparks something inside us that makes us believe we are invincible. Survivalists. We talk a big talk.

So we camped out for 3 days, trying to experiment with what life would look like “Post-apocalypse”. We tried to make our meals without the use of the refrigerator.  We slept in #ENO hammocks in the trees and keep all activities outdoors. The truth is, CAMPING is hard! Even when we are only camping 50 yards from the house!  We soon realized that we are no match for zombies.

1. Food:

Living off the land is a lost art. I can’t imagine trying to find food while being on the run! The first night, we cooked a delicious feast of meat and potatoes on the fire. Made monkey bread for dessert.  We discussed our meal with the children.  If we were survivalists, the meat we are eating would have to be trapped or shot, skinned, and cleaned before we could even put it on the fire.  These potatoes MIGHT be available to us, if we stayed in one place and could tend a garden.  Oh and forget about the monkey bread! The next morning I woke up at sunrise, went to the hen house and collected eggs (plausible), stoked the fire back up and prepared scrambled eggs for breakfast.  Then it hit me, I NEED COFFEE.  So, I went upstairs, got my coffee pot, and plugged it in at the camp site.  Hardly the way a survivalist would make her coffee! The rest of our meals, while consumed outdoors, made use of the fridge, oven, and microwave. It took me 3 meals to realize that I very much rely on the convenience of my kitchen!

2. Sleep:

We love our hammocks. We love setting them up, swinging from the trees, competing to see who can get their hammock the highest and tightest.  However, when it comes to sleeping in them all night for 3 nights… wow.  Not only did it get cold, but it was also creepy!  I would have to get used to all the night noises.  I kept two of the dogs outside with me, which helped me feel secure. They kept watch over us all three nights. But still, the places my mind wondered off to – it’s amazing.  I had all kinds of visions of how we might die if I close my eyes.  Needless to say, I did not get very much sleep!  Lastly, I desperately missed my bed.  Each morning, I got up and hobbled around like an 80 year old woman. Humans need rest!  I began to understand how living on the run would not only be exhausting, but without good rest, everyone would be grouchy and on edge!

3. Higiene:

We did make all three days without a shower or bath. But we sure were foul when we finally came in!  As I scrubbed the soot from my face and washed the sticks and ash out of my hair, I marveled at how someone could live this way everyday, for weeks, months, years. The children and I laughed at all the gunk between our toes and behind our ears and under our fingernails.  And we each enjoyed a long HOT bubble bath.

As a homeschool mama, I am always looking for opportunities for learning.  This 3 day camping experience  gave us much to discuss.  Our discussion generated three main themes.  1) We realize that the only way to get good at camping, is to practice.  2) We have a huge new found respect for survivalists.  3) We are immensely grateful for our creature comforts.

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  1. So cool you did this with your family!!I’m preparing to go back country camping with my hubby and surprisingly enough- I can’t find any reviews or information on 2 people sleeping in one eno hammock. Did you by chance sleep 2 to a hammock? If so, I’d love to hear a review. Although I did read you didn’t get much sleep…
    Thanks for sharing

    1. They have a single and a double hammock. At one point, me, my 10 year old AND my 8 year old were all three in one hammock!! That is probably why I didn’t get much sleep. HAHA we were all three cramped into one hammock. I think they are big enough for two adults to sleep. Just make sure you pull the hammock at TIGHT as possible. It is super uncomfortable when you are sagging. We have done it a few times now (only one night at a time though). My husband who is a big fella, would prefer to sleep on his cot on the ground because of the lack of spine support in the hammock. Let me know how it goes!!!

      1. Thanks for your reply. So I have the double hammock, and I’m the size of two children LOL. so I think it may work out for me!!
        We are going to try our hand at primitive camping- so creating fire from nothing and filtering water. I’ll let ya know how it works out 😛

    2. Awesome! Yes, I want to know how it goes. Filtering water sounds fantastic! I bought water filter tablets online, but we have not tried them yet because – – honestly I am a little creeped about that. Would rather boil water to clense it. The children made “creek soup” one night (to my husband’s shegrin). They got water from the creek and boiled it on the fire, then added diced carrots, celery, garlic, cilantro and apples :/ HAHA they totally ate it though. And no one got sick! Be sure and blog about your experience!

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