Dear homeschool mom who is opposed to everything…

You are opposed to so many things. It must be exhausting. How are you still functioning? Do you see goodness? Do you see beauty?  Or is life a boxing ring where you are constantly having to put up your dukes?

You are opposed to yoga. Oh, and yoga pants.

You are opposed to Minecraft (a children’s video game in which the player builds stuff out of blocks).

You are opposed to wine.

You are opposed to anything OBAMA.

You are opposed to wearing jeans to church.

You are opposed to science – at least to all science that does not support your young-earth creationist construct.

You are opposed to Warriors books (a children’s fiction book series about cat clans).

You are opposed to Pokemon (a vintage TV series about strategy and friendship).

You are opposed to tanktops.

You are opposed to organized sports.

Newsflash. You might be the reason people have a stereotype about homeschool moms. You might be the reason I want to lose my religion.


(Edited Tuesday Aug. 26th: DISCLAIMER – I apologize for negativity. I was just feeling a bit frustrated yesterday when I wrote this post)


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