Who knew this one thing could make all the difference?

I read somewhere that kids like checklists.  I’m not much of a checklist person, but when we are cleaning or have a long day of running errands, I occasionally jot one down – particularly because my detailed and meticulous 11 year old enjoys working from them.

One monday, on a whim, I decided to make a checklist for school work.  Using a blank piece of copy paper, I sectioned it into 3, and wrote down the day’s assignments, and threw in a daily chore task list on the bottom.  When the kids woke up, they’re eyes lit up with excitement. They all three got straight to work, eager to accomplish a task and check it off.

A couple of months have gone by now, and I have modified the list.

Each child has their own list now, individual, customized list. We gettin personal here y’all.

Whitby’s list

We print the list weekly to make it relevant to our current school schedule. But I try to keep the majority the same – believable and achievable.

This one practice has revolutionized my school day.

I know, if you are thinking DUH, “I have been making lesson plans since kindergarten.” Well, then this post isn’t for you. You are obvi the ascended homeschool mom who has no need for my mind-blowing insights.

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