As parents, one of the things we always try to be mindful of is the idea of Anchors. What anchors are we planting into the hearts and minds of the children?

When they look back at childhood, what are the memories that will stand out to them? Hiking on Sundays?


Once a year trip to the same beach/beach house? Once a year trip to a random destination? And what about holidays? Easter? Thanksgiving? Christmas?

My point is: we talk about it.  It is always on our minds. We want to provide a childhood which offers anchors for our children to hold on to.  Anchors that allow them to navigate the chaotic times, knowing that there are also moments of stability, stasis, sameness, and believability. Anchors to sit and breathe. Anchors for calm and meditation. Anchors for dreaming and visioning.

Ponder the anchors you are providing for your people. Be intentional. Be authentic. Be.

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