IMG_8990I bend so I don’t break.

Inflexibility is a symptom of short-sightedness.  When we are rigid, we can not see past our own fear and control.  Often it is the flexible who experience a deeper understanding of problem-solving, creative expression and success.

But we are all in process, are we not?

As a yoga practitioner,  I frequently go head to head with inflexibility. You can not get through a yoga sequence without being challenged in physical flexibility. The temptation is to get frustrated and plunge into self discouragement. The truth is, the efforts of my practice will always be in process.

Each day of our lives shapes up. Lengthening, strengthening, stretching.  Examine your own flexibility today.  Are you afraid of losing control? Do you trust those around you? Are you open to possibilities? Do you trust yourself?

Forever stumbling forward toward completion,